The 5-Day Intentional Impact Challenge

Increase your impact & income with intention & integrity and without spending hundreds of hours (and dollars) on marketing & sales in just 5 days.

Increase Your Impact & Income​

There are two necessary skill sets when it comes to increasing your impact and income. The first is serving, the second is selling–and you can’t do one without the other.

Your service is a culmination of everything that makes you who you are: your experience, skills, talent, knowledge, character, and relationships. There is a certain kind of experience, inner work and mindset required to commit to a life of service.

But, there is a different kind of work required to increase your impact, build a brand, and scale a business. With it come a ton of new challenges many impact-driven leaders experience.

Challenges around your offer, messaging, marketing sales and systems that require both creativity and accountability, inner work and outward action, information and integration.

Whether you have a new idea you bring to life, are in a transition period working your way out of your 9-5 and into full time entrepreneurship, or have been all in on your business for some time, this challenge is guaranteed to help you create opportunities to serve and embody the next evolution of your vision and impact.

The Intentional Impact Challenge will empower you with the tools you need to become the next evolution of your vision and impact.

What you will do in 5 Days

1. Call In Community

Create content every day to help your audience understand who you are, what you do, and why it benefits them ultimately cultivating a community of inspired advocates ready for connection.

2. Cultivate Connections

Proactively reach out to five people in your community, ultimately leading to intentional connections and opportunities for conversation.

3. Create Conversations

Engage in dialogue with all those who respond to your message ultimately bridging gaps, building trust and creating opportunities to serve.

Ultimately leading to increasing impact and income with intention and integrity.

Testimonials from impact-driven leaders just like you...

Hear What They Have To Say

"Just after the first four weeks of being in Intentional Impact, I sold over $20,000 dollars worth of my services and felt good about it, felt fulfilled and knew that I could deliver the impact to these guys."
Jeddy Azuma​
Founder of The Rising Man
"Something that I've learned from Jose is storytelling and the importance of connecting to an audience. Jose provides a great level of guidance and have second to none industry expertise."
Stefanos Sifandos​
Relationship Coach & Teacher
"Jose really pushed me to my edge and helped me embody so much of what I was avoiding by holding a powerful space. His program helped me see the depth of my impact and who I am."
Ewan Corlett
Therapist & Men's Coach

How It Works

1. Sign up and watch the intro video

Sign up for free and watch the intro video to learn what it means to become an impact-driven leader, the fundamentals of sales and marketing and the daily tasks.

2. Get the free guide & schedule time in your calendar

Get the free Intentional Impact Challenge guide with details about your daily tasks, organic content prompts, authentic connection scripts samples and bonus tips. 

3. Receive daily emails to help guide you along the way

Receive daily emails to help guide you along the way and keep you accountable to the daily tasks.

What Others Impact-Driven Men Are Saying...

I found so much joy working with Jose and being in his program. I’m moving forward creating an international impact and feeling a lot of gratitude fro this container.

Earl S.

The caliber of men that Jose brings into his program speaks to who he is and his vision. The information is presented in a way that is both powerful and digestible. His commitment to men’s work and my impact was incredible.

Soma M.

Intentional impact really helped me to define and refine my target audience, to tune in to and align with the medicine that I have to share and to really develop the most potent way of sharing that with the world.

Nic W.

Intentional Impact helped me to refine and define my target audience, to tune in and align with the medicine I have to share and really develop the most potent of offering that to the world.

Zach C.

Through my work with Jose and through embodying the practices that he teaches in his program as well as our one-on-one work, it’s easy for me to say that I’m a six figure business owner today.

Zach C.

The accountability, questions, and honest reflections I’ve received from you have enabled me to step more fully into my truth and that is the greatest gift man.

Robert S.

Meet your Coach, Jose Alejandro

Hey brother,

My name is Jose Alejandro.

I’m a master certified life and leadership coach, rite of passage guide, men’s group facilitator and business & marketing strategist. 

I am also the Co-Founder of Modern Renaissance Man, a movement empowering self-led men to master themselves and create the life they love. 

For over 7 years, I have supported hundreds of men in cultivating fulfilling relationships, optimizing their wellbeing, deepening their purpose and increasing impact and income with intention and integrity.

I bridge my personal life journey and 10+ years of marketing experience with my extensive training in trauma-informed coaching, leadership development, men’s work, self-mastery techniques, ancestral wisdom, and initiatory rites of passages to help impact-driven men live their vision and increase their capacity to lead and love.

And I am here to be of service.