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Embody the next evolution of your vision & impact.

Increase Your Capacity to Lead & Love

As an impact-driven man you are deeply committed to aligning everything in your life with your purpose...to increase your impact and income.

Unfortunately, most of us have been trained to believe that the only thing required to bring our vision to life is more work and better strategy.

That going deep and doing the inner work is only required when we are in a tough spot. And that success in life and business is only determined by our level of knowledge and commitment.

While this approach may move the needle forward, it always limits our ability to give our gift and live our vision and leads to a state of overwhelm, lack of fulfillment, and a life filled with regret knowing we didn’t reach our full potential.

The truth is that living our vision requires us to explore our psychology, increase our self-mastery, raise our standard of accountability and implement an aligned strategy–something that can’t be done alone.

My coaching is designed to empower you to increasing your capacity to lead & love so that you can embody the next evolution of your vision in all areas of life.

Everything you can imagine is real–but first you must embody it.​

If you are reading this, you are ready to embody the next evolution of your vision.

Do any of this sound like you?

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    You desire to break into the next level of abundance and increase your impact & income without compromising intention or integrity.
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    You desire to break free from patterns of self-sabotage, limiting beliefs and past experiences keeping your from living your vision.
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    You desire to raise your standard of integrity and bridge the gap between who you are and who you are becoming.
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    You desire to find, understand and stretch past your edge of comfort in all areas of life.
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    You desire to unapologetically own your power and express yourself with confidence and authenticity.
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    You desire to create deeper, more fulfilling relationships and cultivate the ability to nurture them without compromising your mission.
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    You desire to increase your capacity to lead & love and remain grounded in the midst of the inevitable challenges.

If this sounds like you, let's talk.

The Impact Method​

The Proven Process for increasing your capacity to lead & love (aka live your vision).

There’s a ton of strategy and information available designed to help men grow and businesses scale.

The core problem is that these strategies aren’t always aligned with what impact-driven men need in order to bring their vision to life.

My work is focused on turning information into transformation through a proven process that has helped 100’s of impact-driven men increase impact and income with intention and integrity.

By combining life & leadership coaching, strategy & consulting, and a high standard of accountability, The Impact Method empowers impact-driven men live their vision by increasing their capacity to lead & love.

How It Works


Identify blindspots, limiting beliefs, and self-sabotaging patterns keeping you from reaching your full potential.

coaching (2)


Cultivate the mental fortitude, emotional resilience and physical wellbeing needed to bring your vision to life.


Implement a tailored strategy designed to guide and support you in increasing your impact & income with intention and integrity.


Increase your standard of accountability by stretching past your edge in a safe and high stakes container.

Testimonials from impact-driven men just like you...

Here's what they have to say:

"Jose provided me the space for self-reflection and a deeper understanding of my emotions and relationships. His holistic approach has not only optimized my career but has also positively influenced my overall mental health and emotional resilience, creating a more balanced, authentic and fulfilling life."
Ade Osinaike
Financial Advisor & Guide
"Jose really pushed me to my edge and helped me embody so much of what I was avoiding by holding a powerful space. He helped me see the depth of my impact and who I am as a leader in all areas of my life. I am deeply grateful for him and his program."
Ewan C.
Coach, Therapist & Poet

What You'll Walk Away With:

1. Clarity of Vision & Purpose

2. Authentic Self-Expression

3. Increased Impact & Income

4. Higher Standard of Integrity

5. Optimized Health & Wellbeing

6. Increased Leadership Capacity

7. Relationship Mastery

8. Overall Happiness & Fulfillment

Here's What You'll Get:

In the 6-month Embodied Vision Container
Weekly 1-on-1 Coaching Calls

Coaching designed to help you uncover blind-spots & get out of our own way, become aware of new possibilities, heal past experiences impacting your performance, break free from limiting beliefs & paradigms and stretch past our zone of comfort.

Marketing Strategy & Business Consulting

Tailored strategies and consulting based on 10+ years of experience growing businesses as well as access to the Intentional Impact Course, proven to help 100’s of impact-driven men increase their impact and income with intention and integrity.

Exclusive 24/7 Access to Jose A.

Receive 24/7 access to Jose Alejandro via message for support, guidance and accountability as well as to to explore ideas, be seen/heard/acknowledged, or just to express what you’re feeling and/or experiencing. 


Weekly Assignments and Integration

Receive weekly assignments and resources for to support you along your journey, integrate the experience and embody the work.

Transformational Breathwork Journeys

Transformational breathwork journeys designed to support you in embodying the next evolution of your vision, impact and leadership. 

Self-Mastery Tools & Resources

Meditations, breathworks, embodiment practices, journal prompts and more designed to support you in embodying your truth and living your vision.

(Bonus #1) Discount on Training Grounds Program

3 months access to MRM Brotherhood, the community of self-led men committed to mastering themselves and creating the life they love.

(Bonus #2) Discount on Threshold Rite of Passage

Discount and early access to Threshold: The Modern Leaders Rite of Passage. This is a 4 month transformational experience solidified by am 8 day wilderness experience and 4 day Vision Fast.

Ready to embody the next evolution of your vision? Choose your journey:

Vision Initiation (6-Week)

Vision Integration (3-Month)

Vision Embodied (6-Month)

Jose Alejandro's Experience

These are all modalities we’re using when working together:

Mirroring & Self-Exploration

Life Coaching

Marketing & Biz Consulting

Embodied Leadership Training

Trauma-informed healing modalities

Men’swork & Group Dynamics

Visioning & Purpose Clarity

Brand & Personal Integrity

Elite Level Goal Setting & Accountability

Wilderness Rite of Passages

Transformational Breathwork

Spiritual / Ancestral Wisdom

Internal Family Systems

Human Behavioral Psychology

Nervous system Regulation

Masculine & Feminine Dynamics

Non-Violent Communication

Money / Abundance Mindset

Mindfulness & Grounding Practices


Plant Medicine Integration

Somatics & Mind/body connection

What Others Are Saying...

I found so much joy working with Jose and being in his program. I’m moving forward making a bigger impact and feeling a lot of gratitude for this container.

Earl S.

The caliber of men that Jose brings into his program speaks to who he is and his vision. The information is presented in a way that is both powerful and digestible. His commitment to empowering men and my impact was incredible.

Soma M.

Working with Jose has helped me level up in so many areas of my life. l’ve been able compassionately transform myself, honor my inner child and move on to become a healthier man and leader in all areas of my life.

Antonio F.

I am extremely grateful for the tools you gave me. Thank you for what you do to and for helping me find my truth, own my power and release all that trauma that was holding me back from my vision.

Luis E.

Jose was patient, supportive, present and allowed me the space to bring my vision to life. This experience guided me towards a portal into a better sense of self discovery. Not one of “figuring out the answers” but one of allowing the answers to emerge from the internal out.

Rudolph A.

Not only did you help me connect deeper to my own truth and expression, you allowed me to create new evidence that it is safe to trust and open. Your embodiment, listening ability, and depth of presence are just a few of the many things I learned from you this past year and I am deeply grateful.

Robert S.

Jose provided me the space for self-reflection and a deeper understanding of my emotions and relationships. His holistic approach has not only optimized my career but has also positively influenced my overall mental health and emotional resilience, creating a more balanced, authentic and fulfilling life.

Ade O.

Working with Jose helped me feel more integrity in my relationships because I feel like I’m living authentically. With Jose’s help, I was able to allow myself to feel and release emotions, put in my notice at my job and get paid doing my first workshop! I am now living in a way that fires me up.

Rob F.

Jose’s coaching was powerful, supportive, caring. I feel more capable of handling ALL the emotions that come from life. I am less resistant to going into my shame, talking about my failures and mistakes, and am more willing to look at that with others.

Adam K.

Since starting to work with Jose I feel more confident and trusting in life and excited about possibility. His breathwork journeys helped me process a lot of emotion. He was always very grounded and very calm. I never felt judged and always felt safe. I feel a greater desire to be in joy, and am acknowledging/honoring myself more.

Adriel G.

Jose created a safe space where I could share whatever was on my mind while simultaneously pushing me to identify healthier patterns. I am now better able to identify patterns and better assess scenarios and determine whether or not things align with my values. Everyone in my life has benefited from our work.

Sammy C.

What I love about Jose is he is an absolute master asking questions. He is a man who can really open up space for you to go deeper within yourself. He was able to support me through so many different challenges, both externally and internally, including aligning my brand with my purpose, and so much inner work.

Zach P.

Your quality of life and the impact you make in the world is a direct reflection of one thing:

your level of commitment to the inner work and healing.

What Other Leaders Have To Say:

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“I had so many breakthroughs each and every week with Jose. I got way more than the cost of the investment of the his journey. Just after the first four weeks of being in it, I sold over $20,000 dollars worth of my services and felt good about it, felt fulfilled and knew that I could deliver the impact to these guys.”

Jeddy Azuma

Founder of The Rising Man

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“Something that I’ve learned from Jose is storytelling and the power of storytelling and the importance of really connecting to an audience. Not only does Jose provide that level of guidance and have second to none expertise, but he’s available, he cares, he’s genuine, and he’s sincere.”

Stefanos Sifandos

Relationship Coach & Teacher

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“I would recommend Jose to any purpose-driven leader. I was making mid five figures when I met Jose and through my work with him and through embodying the practices that he teaches in his program as well as our one-on-one work, it’s easy for me to say that I’m a six figure business owner today.”

Zach Carlson

High-Impact Coach

Meet your Coach, Jose Alejandro

Hey brother,

My name is Jose Alejandro.

I am master certified life coach, embodied leadership guide, men’s group facilitator, brand consultant and somatic practitioner.

I am the Co-Founder of Modern Renaissance Man, a movement empowering self-led men to master themselves and create the life they love. Through brotherhood, transformative experiences, and leadership training this organization inspires men to raise the bar for themselves their community and the world.

For over 6 years, I have supported hundreds of men in cultivating healthy relationships, improving over-all wellbeing, increasing income and impact and deepening their purpose with intention and integrity.

I bridge my personal life experiences and 7+ years as a marketing professional with my training in leadership & organizational development, trauma-informed coaching, men’s groups, somatic experiencing, ancestral wisdom, and initiatory rites of passages to help impact-driven men embody their truth, live their vision and increase their impact.

And I am here to be of service.

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