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"Anything you can imagine is real–

but first you must embody it."

Hey, I’m Jose Alejandro.

I am a men's life & embodied leadership coach, impact-driven brand strategist, somatic practitioner, men's work facilitator and apprentice rite of passage guide.

But when strip away all those titles and identities, I am simply a man who’s work is only a reflection of his journey.

See I’ve always been a curious kid who questioned everything and explored anything.

Although I never fit in any one box, I quickly built a habit of negotiating my truth for the sake of fitting in and keeping the peace inside and outside my home.

Naturally I got pulled toward understanding the mind thinking I could solve all my problems and create the life I wanted simply through knowledge, hard work and sheer luck.

I graduated with a BA in Psychology, read tons of books and went off into the world trying to prove I was the man. 

I thought I knew who I was, what I was meant to do, and what my life would look like by the time I was 30. I had a vision, a beautiful girlfriend, a well paying job as a corporate marketing executive and a pretty good understanding the impact of my mindset had on all of it. 

But the reality is, my knowledge was conceptual, my success lacked inspiration, my nervous system was unregulated and my integrity was based on insecurity and everyone else’s expectations but my own. To everyone else my life looked great, but the truth is I felt trapped.

I wasn’t embodying MY truth. I wasn’t giving MY gift. I wasn’t living MY vision. And as a result I wasn’t making a real impact on my community and the world. I wasn’t living out my life’s purpose.

It wasn’t until years after graduating with my BA in psychology, during a very challenging chapter in my life and relationship, that I decided to take a hard look in the mirror, go deep into my shadow, & take ownership of my life.

That’s when I began exploring therapy. This helped me move through some blocks and understand how my early childhood experiences unconsciously shaped my life up until that point.

However, something was still missing.

After going deeper into the personal development rabbit hole, I stumbled across some books about integrated manhood and masculine emotional intelligence that blew my mind.

 They spoke about leadership, relationships, healing our inner child and the power of having a solid men’s team, exposing me to the world of menswork

This led me toward powerful containers with other men, mentors and coaches that helped me uncover blindspots, be seen without judgement, raise my standard of integrity and receive power reflections that reminded me of who I am.

I continued to immerse myself in other powerful modalities and experiences like wilderness rites of passages, indigenous teachers, breathwork and other embodied leadership practices.

The more work I did on myself the more my truth, vision and purpose was being revealed.

I now bridge my personal life experiences and hero’s journey with my training in somatic experiencing, trauma informed coaching, menswork, breathwork, bodywork, ancestral wisdom, and rites of passages to inspire men embody their truth, live their vision and increase their impact.

Jose Alejandro

Jose Alejandro

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Jose's Training & Certifications

Yrs of Integrated Life Experiences
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Yrs in Branding and Marketing
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Yrs Personal Development Journey
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Yrs Men’s Work Facilitator
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Yrs Somatic Practitioner
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Yrs Leadership Coach
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Yrs Apprentice Wilderness
Rite of Passage Guide
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What My Work Encompasses:

Business Consulting

Life Coaching

Embodied Leadership Training

Trauma Informed Coaching

Men’s Group Facilitation and Group Dynamics

Somatics and body work

Life Visioning

Brand and Personal Integrity work

Elite Level Goal Setting & Accountability

Wilderness Rite of Passages

Transformational Breathwork

Spiritual / Ancestral Wisdom

Internal Family Systems

Human Behavioral Psychology

Nervous system Regulation Techniques

Masculine & Feminine Energy Dynamics

Non-Violent Communication

Money/Abundance Mindset

Mindfulness & Grounding Practices


Plant Medicine Integration

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